The Social Psychology of Social Prescribing

We are a multi-institute group of academics looking to expand, enhance, and explain the processes and proofs behind social prescribing. 


We aim to address the current knowledge gaps by consolidating the work of social psychologists across career stages, developing innovative collaborative outputs, and engaging social prescribing commissioners, general practitioners and allied health professionals, and the community and voluntary services sector across the UK. 

Social psychology has a significant role to play in social prescribing, and we are proud to be filling that role and to be funded by the BPS seminar grant to allow us to share and collaborate.


Seminar 1:
Unpacking the relationships between social groups and health
(Nottingham Trent University)
Seminar 2:
Groups, health behaviours and health service provision
(London South Bank University)
Seminar 3:
Building sustainable communities through volunteering
(University of Winchester)